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Christopher Cullen

Christopher has been singing and playing guitar for 44 years, starting in 1968 with a Beatles songbook and a lot of hard work. He played in several bands during his high school years but the highlight was when he was accepted by the international good will organization Up With People to travel as part of their show during his junior year where he earned the lead guitar spot. He returned to Fremont, Ohio, for his senior year and, after graduating, did stints in a house band in Petosky, Mich., and a country-rock band just outside of Dallas, Texas. In late 1972 he auditioned for the Together Band and remained with the group until its dissolution in mid-1986.

In more recent years, Christopher has been in the orchestra pit for several high school musicals, provided music at weddings and he occasionally sits in at restaurants, coffee houses and bars with various local musicians. In addition to playing in the newly reformed Together Band, he owns his own karate school, is the director of the New Hope Vineyard Music Ministry where he leads one of the worship teams and is a licensed minister.